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Saturday 23 January 2021     18:23
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In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful.

(بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم )


Attention to all Hajj- pilgrims residing abroad:


The Caravan of Ghafelat al-noor  (قافله النور) in Tehran, Iran, would like to declare its readiness for offering services in the time of Tama’atu Hajj for all the pilgrims. These services have been especially organized for all the Iranians residing abroad & also the non-Iranian pilgrims in various countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France& England, USA& Canada, India & Pakistan, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere ) who are planning to make a pilgrimage to the God’s Holy Kaaba House in Saudi Arabia this year. The organized schedules of Ghafelat al-noor Caravan are as follows:


  • Organizing warm greeting welcomes at the time of arrival at the airports in either Medina or Jeddah with prior co ordinations.
  • Arranging accommodations in Hotels approximate to the Prophet’s Mosque (مسجد النبی). The maximum duration of stay is six days & five nights in the rooms with the capacity of 3-4 beds. It is to be mentioned that rooms with two beds in Medina’s Hotels are also available with prior co ordinations at extra costs.
  • Transfer to Medina prior or after performing Hajj duties.
  • Visiting the blessed holy Mosques such as SABA’E & GHABA & GHEBLATEIN & other holy sites such as The Abitalib Cemetery of OHOD martyrs, Hera Cave and so on.
  • Hospitality including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, fruits and Beverages.
  • Ehram (Disguising in simple white Hajj Clothes) in Shajara or Jahafa Mosques, in order to get prepared to go to Holy Mecca.
  • Accommodation in the residential Hotel Apartments in AZIZIEH District in Holy Mecca (3-5 beds available in each room).
  • Organizing Lectures & the educational classes for performing Hajj duties in Mecca and Medina for improving the religious knowledge of pilgrims and familiarizing them with the duties that they are supposed to perform in Hajj.
  • Transfer to Districts such as Arafat, Mashar-ul-Haram & Mana in accordance with the programs organized by the Caravan of Hajj).
  • The Hajj pilgrims are responsible themselves for organizing their own air tickets, visa-related costs (including the two cheques that the Saudi Arabian Embassy receives for the purpose of inner-city bus fares & MOTAVEFI affairs). The costs are related to hiring the tents in Mana & Arafat religious rituals).The individuals that couldn’t prepare the above cheques or for any reasons, they couldn’t use the coupons of bus and tents in this ritual, are obliged to make the payment in cash there.
  • The maximum duration of stay in Holy Mecca & Medina is 20 days. Further stay is also possible, but it requires the prior coordination with the Manager of Caravan.  
  • The costs for the children above the age of two will be received in full, but the costs are free for the age below two. In case the children between 2 to 12 don’t use the beds, 60% of the costs will be charged.
  • The individuals, who wish to stay in Hotel in Mecca, or want to stay in apartments in Medina, must pre-coordinate it with the manager of Caravan beforehand.
  • By considering the time-limit that the pilgrims residing abroad may have, it is highly recommended to get the Hajj programs organized according to the schedules below:


1-    Arrival in Medina: on Sep 21st ,corresponding to 25th of Zigha’adeh( 25 ذیقعده ) in Arabic migrational lunar Calendar & 1393/06/30 (the Persian migrational solar calendar)

2-    Departure from Mecca: On October 8th, corresponding to 13th of Zihadjeh ( ذیحجه 13) in Arabic migrational Lunar Calendar & 1393/07/16 (the Persian migrational solar calendar).

3-    For the pilgrims who want to visit Medina later, It is highly recommended to pre-coordinate their schedules according to the following programs:


  • Arrival in Holy Mecca: On September 27th, corresponding to 2nd of Zihadjeh ( ذیحجه2) &in Arabic migrational Lunar Calendar & 1393/07/05 (the Persian migrational solar calendar).
  • Departure from Medina: On October 13th, corresponding to 18th of Zihadjeh (ذیحجه 18) in Arabic migrational Lunar Calendar & 1393/07/21 (the Persian migrational solar calendar).

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