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Iran at a glance

Have you seen how beautiful a peacock is, when she opens her feathers like an umbrella in the sunlight of the dawn? Have you seen her colors and parades in the moves she makes? Indeed, I know a land which has thousands of parades in thousands of colors like a peacock.

In my land, Iran you can see the sunshine in the Peaks of Damavand Mountains, and the sunset reflected in purple, all beauties of the universe to the waves of the Caspian Sea, while it has the high quality pure silk of Mazandaran on its top head.

You see the night in the arid deserts of Kerman province which offers all the diamond-like beauties when it shines.

You see the moon light in the Persian Gulf like an ocean of silver which covers all the thorn-lands to take the rich Persian Culture to the far away seas to  make the Indian parrots smile.

In our Land Ancient Persia (known as modern day Iran), you will see thousands of true diverse colors & images in one territory. Iran has 12 different climates in one season. That means in one season you can go for skiing in the North and scuba-diving & sun-bathing in the south at the same time. Where else except in Iran, can you see the world climates summarized in one boundary? Where else can you see them all at one glance in one country?!

Ivan Tolou Travel Agency is proud to declare its full readiness to offer all types of services to the tourists who are interested in visiting Iran. In case you are inclined to visit this old land, it is to be mentioned that your visiting plans to Iran can be pursued within the framework of the recreational, professional, archeological, and business tours.

Ivan Tolou is now a well-established Tourist Company and Travel Agency with highly experienced Personnels, ready to offer all kinds of facilities and services, according to the standard requirements of respected professional tours. Ivan Tolou has been especially organized for the tourists who are interested in visiting Iran. 

Ancient Persia (known as modern day Iran) has been the land of attractions for thousands of years, and it has indeed the capacity of attracting all the visitors from around the Globe. Iran is one of the rare countries in the world whose presence on the world maps goes back to the times immemorial. Thanks for its rich history, culture, and civilization, Iran has been able to attract many archeologists, historians, and all kinds of tourists in general to come to Iran. This beautiful old land is one of the most important cradles of civilization, and visiting Iran will fulfill the aspirations & satisfaction of all those visitors who wish to reach the source of most ancient human civilization in the world. For more details, please click on the links below:


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